RTK Wall Mount Kit for LUBA 2 AWD Series (Pre-order)

Sale price$119.00

Estimated delivery time: Early April.

Specifically designed for the LUBA 2 AWD Series. Not compatible with the LUBA 1 AWD Series.

This kit is designed to securely mount your RTK antenna to a wall, improving the satellite signal strength of your RTK base station.

We recommend that you use this kit with a solar Panel Kit (The solar panel kit needs to be purchased separately), otherwise please confirm that you have an RTK reference station extension cable (10m) and an RTK reference station power supply adapter.

Ideal for those seeking to optimize their RTK base station's satellite reception.

Package includes 1 x L-shaped bracket measuring 492.6*251.5*103mm, 4 x Installation screws, 1 x Additional wall adhesive.

NOT Included in the standard package of LUBA 2 AWD Series.

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